06 Apr 2017

Event description

The best global startups are convening in Switzerland April 6 and this is a great opportunity to pitch alongside them in the pitch corner. There will be an amazing jury panel, some cool tech prizes, and a very compelling audience!

Apply here to be selected. (You don't have to be too detailed or specific with the application information, please don't spend more than 5-10 minutes on it. The application is long so you can skip non-relevant portions. Please make sure to fill in the following prompts: Startup Description, Problem addressed, and Solution. It would be great if you could attach your pitch deck if you have one!)


Introduction and Opening
Startup Pitches


Kamran Elahian

Kamran Elahian

Innovation Catalyst
Global Innovation Catalyst LLC
Zamir Shukhov

Zamir Shukhov

CEO & Partner
Global Venture Alliance
Nichapat Ark

Nichapat Ark

Angel investor
& startup mentor


The event will take place at SwissTech Convention Center.

On the ground floor minutes away from the main registration desk.