How to you get to be crowned number 1?

Competition format

Local Competitions

We run 65+ local competitions where we identify the best seed-stage startups. In addition to having the top startups pitching, our events are filled with disruptive tech, inspirational discussions, networking sessions and one flight ticket for the winner to come to the Seedstars Summit.

Regional Summits

We manage 5 Regional Summits, where we bring all Seedstars World winners of each region, as well as speakers, investors, corporates, incubators, accelerators, governments and relevant stakeholders to one city to build bridges between regional ecosystems and discuss regional challenges.

Seedstars Summit

Our competition's final happens in the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland, an exciting event filled with breakout sessions, panel discussions, specialized workshops and the best minds from emerging markets, where the local winners compete to be crowned the Seedstars World Global Winner.

How to apply?



Apply to one of our local competitions if you fit the criteria (less than 2 years old, received less than $500k in funding, MVP, scalable).



Pitch and impress the investor jury at any local competition.



Win locally to join the global competition and the Seedstars Summit in Lausanne.

Why participate as a startup?

Equity Investment

Equity Investment

There is a prize package consisting of up to $ 1 Million in equity investment and more in cash and in-kind prizes. You’ll be exposed to VCs, corporates and angels searching for investment opportunities.

Coverage & Prestige

Coverage & Prestige

All Seedstars World events are heavily covered by local and international press with around 500 articles on us last year. Represent your country at the worldwide Seedstars Summit in front of an international audience.

Partnership & Family

Partnerships & Family

Join the close knit Seedstars Family of talented entrepreneurs in 65+ countries. Find potential partners and business opportunities through the community and at the various events.

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow

We hand pick top-quality mentors from all over the world with experience in relevant industries. Benefit from the knowledge of corporate leaders, serial entrepreneurs, accelerator directors and investors.


What’s the criteria to apply?

There are four different aspects we look for in an application: The Startup must have been launched within the last 2 years; If the Startup has received external funding, it can only be up to US$ 500k; The Startup must have a demonstrable product or service (Minimum Viable Product, MVP); And finally the Startup needs to be scalable or have the potential to reach the scalability.

Which language will be used?

Pitch and application documents must be in English or you must provide a translator.

How much time will I have to spend?

You will need 2 days for the Local Competition + 7 days if you are selected for the Seedstars Summit (includes: online application, preparing for pitching event, coaching, traveling and attending the events).

What are the rules for the pitch?

You have 5 minutes to pitch your idea in front of the audience and another 5 minutes to answer to questions from the judging panel. Check our guidelines here.